What happened to arewestableyet.com?

(B.J. Herbison) #1

Something happened in the past week. I used to be able to view the https://www.arewestableyet.com/ but today I get a Google prompt to choose an account followed by “You’re not allowed to access to this page.” after I choose an account.

(Michael Kohler) #2

The same here. Would be interesting to know what resource that got forwarded to.


hi, apparently there was a decision to stop making this dashboard publicly available, since it contained data about the # of active daily installations that got misunderstood/misrepresented by external people looking at it.
for people interested in the trends of firefox stability https://telemetry.mozilla.org/crashes/ might be a good alternative resource.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

So there are no way to get the numbers about the firefox installation?

(B.J. Herbison) #5

Who is allowed to view arewestableyet? How is access gained?


access to the arewestable.yet dashboard is mainly restricted to @mozilla.com-addresses. otherwise i don’t think there’s a formal process in place to request access to it yet - that’s just happening on a need-to-know basis.
what kind of data from the dashboard would you require?

(B.J. Herbison) #7

If I remember correctly, some of the numbers were linked to lists of bug reports related to problem areas. Having more free time now I’d hoped to use those lists to test (and, optimistically, fix) some of those stability problems.


this data is available in the top crashing lists under: https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/home/product/Firefox
(the awsy dashboard just shows aggregate numbers and doesn’t contain any crash signatures or bugs)

(B.J. Herbison) #9

Thank you. That gives me something to explore.