Polite response to Mike Hoyle re: Speeed Dial


Ive used Firefox since ‘Phoenix’. Yes I am that old and this is the first time I’ve put “pen to paper”. A little background. I am an engineer working in the safety sphere and have/had around 500-700 links to various govt. safety sites and whitepapers from around the world for my work. Overnight all gone. These had taken me 8+ years to find and create this library.

There is a whole lot of irony in my situation but let me also address some irony in your post and the fact you post and then archive these threads…

Firstly greatly appreciate your concern with user data; although the alarm bells go off (when you at least put it in writing) that the issue is data is “being sent to a third-party search provider”. Is the issue your concern with OUR data or you not getting a cut?

The true IRONY…
Your response to data being used in a potentially negative way is to remotely alter user data without consent or warning…

Now I am sure in the EULA you can turn things on/off to your hearts content but I would be incredibly surprised to find (as I am sure many of FFox’s uses will be) to learn that OUR data can be removed under the terms of the EULA as well.

The important question
Can you please point me to the section of the EULA that clearly indicates that OUR work (finding and creating bookmarks) can be altered/removed at the discretion of your company.

Thanks in advance - looking forward to your reply.


I’d be happy to.

The reason the original Nimbus Team’s account was banned was for providing users with information about how to circumvent the ban we imposed in our forums, which we simply don’t permit. That advice puts our users in a position of risk we consider to be unacceptable, and won’t be allowed to stand in our forums.

In our add-on policies document here:


You’ll note that under “User Interactions & Technical Data”, the second bullet point is:

  • Search functionality provided or loaded by the add-on must not collect search terms or intercept searches that are going to a third-party search provider.

This is the reason that the Add-on was disabled. Further down, in the section called “Compliance and blocking”, the policy states that:

“If an add-on appears to intentionally violate the policies or its developers have proven unreachable, unresponsive, or uncooperative, or in case of repeat violations, blocking may be immediate.”

That - repeat violations - is the case here, and the reason the block was immediate.

Thank you,


I’m one of the team members in Nimbus Company that supports FVD Speed Dial. Our CEO asked to post this message because Mozilla team banned his message. That’s outrageous!

We were falsely banned. Mozilla team banned our official post to explain the issue and doesn’t allow us to post anything. We’re looking the way how to escalate this to Mozilla Leadership team. Also contacting our Law Firm.


The version in production didn’t have a search redirect. So, what you’re referring to is NOT True.
Our CEO provided a workaround because we need to help people to restore data that you deleted without their consent.

“If an add-on appears to intentionally violate the policies or its developers have proven unreachable, unresponsive, or uncooperative, or in case of repeat violations, blocking may be immediate.”

That is not true. We send numerous emails with clarifications and we have evidence.
We need it to be restored so our users can backup and export the data.
Also, we plan to make a new update to warn users that in a few months we will stop supporting FVD Speed Dial for Firefox because having numerous problems with review processes. BTW, all developers that we know have the same complaints.
So, help people to restore data and we don’t want to do anything with Firefox.

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To Mike Hoye

I won’t get into the debate about what the tool does and doesn’t do and whether it actually violates Mozilla policies, but the bottom line is YOU screwed over thousands of people by this decision. I don’t know how long the app has been available, but it seems I’ve been using it without issue for more than 10 years and I RELY on it.

YOU have removed this without warning, without giving uses the ability to backup and document links.

Just a horrible and stupid decision.

Make it right and enable it and if you want, provide info when it will disappear so people can get links they need.


I am not a developer and have no skin in this game.

I have been a longtime Firefox user and while I use many other Google products, I have preferred to remain loyal to Firefox.

Until today when I fired up my computer to check sites I visit regularly only to discover Nimbus FVD Speed Dial with all my nicely organized tabs and custom logos and cool backgrounds had disappeared without explanation.

All due to something I don’t really give a darn about.

If you are going to do something with such huge effects on thousands of users, you really needed to think it through and not overreact as you did.

Nothing in life is free, and I fully expect someone somewhere is making money from my online activities. Even Mozilla. Data is the newest currency.

What was done and how it was done, in hindsight, appears to be a stupid and horrible decision.

Even if Mozilla admits its mistake and apologizes, the damage is done and Nimbus will remove themselves from Firefox. And so will I.

I am no longer a Firefox user. It will remain on my computer and get updated, but I will change my browser preference to Google Chrome.

I do this reluctantly, but your precipitous decision to screw over thousands of Firefox users leaves me no choice. I simply have lost all trust in Mozilla.

FVD Speed Dial doesn’t even look as good on Chrome as it does on Firefox, but once the trust is gone, the breakup is inevitable, and the divorce must follow.


This is a cheek from Mozilla! I have data and bookmarks here too and I just can’t get them anymore!

Maybe you should warn the user at least once?


Totally agree! Had exactly 738 links in FVD, 60% of them in regular use.
To not warn the user is completely off the rails. And it is completely off the rail to close (archive) all the complains here and not to learn and apologize for this.
Definitely the usage of FFX dropped over the last years too much to behave like this.


Thank you. When Mozilla fixes their problem, I’ll turn it back on.

Вот это фиаско ))) стремительно скатывающийся в говно браузер, выпилил такое же говнорасширение с сотнями тысяч скачиваний. Кто-то где-то жидко обдристался, думая, что выпилить спиддиал - тоже самое, что заблочить какой-нибудь адблок.

where is that? Thx in advance.

Found it thank you; You are a life saver!!

I have to say I, for one, am happy that Mozilla stepped in. Between Mozilla and Nimbus devs, I do trust Mozilla. Not so much the other guys. Yes it’s annoying, it took me well over an hour to get those bookmarks back. But, the fact that FVD was redirecting and grabbing my searches is absolutely unacceptable! I mean beyond insane. The whole reason I’m using Firefox is privacy. And the fact that they were warned multiple times (since 2020) and they still did it, is even worse.


To say the response was rough is to say the bare minimum. Probably a better question is why doesn’t M have better dial customization in the first place. yes, its a job but even Edge is starting to look viable.

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@mhoye Appreciate the response but you failed to address my question at all. I clearly recognized (assumed but recognized) Mozilla’s right to do whatever they want with regards to plugin/addon/etc. My question was specifically around OUR data on OUR computers and where the EULA indicated you can remotely alter/remove access to it.

If it is there you will loose more customers. If it is not there then I would recommend an internal review. Feel free to reach out if you want clarity on why I feel that would be a good idea.



@Dariia_Karkunova I’ve no idea as to the “whose right and whose wrong”. Smarter people than I can figure that out, but feel free to reach out for some thoughts. I have made the same offer to Mike. Since I don’t really have a dog in the fight (at this stage) I’m happy to share with either party.

@Balli, We totally understand why you think this way. However, as we indicated above, there are no violations in FVD extension. We have never collected our user data nor tracked searches. What Mozilla claims is just not true. It seems like a huge mistake from Mozilla’s side.


Goodbye, Firefox. It’s time to start using Chrome.


I was start to using Edge, after export my dials. Edge is much faster and easy to use. Use less resources.


mozilla doesnt care about all datas lost by the fvd speed dial users…? what’s wrong with them?
mozilla has not a “strike” system to warn developpers before putting everybody in this situation?
i use firefox for a looong time. their politics has changed in bad ways a couple of times, this time is too much for me. i leave the ship, i’ll maybe go for vivaldi or chrome… :cry:

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