What happened to the Teamsync bookmarks addon?

Hi. I recently started trying out Teamsync bookmarks, which when you browse the net should be available for both Chrome-based and Firefox. However all links to the old AMO-page leads to a nonexistant page.

What happened and will it be back?
Or what other good similar option exists, that works on both Chrome-based and Firefox?


It’s probably best to contact the operator about this: https://teamsyncbookmarks.com/

Hi Stefan,

Thanks very much for reaching out, although I’m sorry our Firefox compatibility isn’t available for you at the moment.

The team temporarily stopped offering Firefox support as it wasn’t working for most users. We took this down to make improvements and are expecting it to be available again within the next few months. Please feel free to reach out to us at support@teamsyncbookmarks.zendesk.com.


Hi, I noticed this post is more than a year old. Can you confirm that you do not intend to bring this extension back to Firefox?

As an alternative, you can also use https://www.bookmarkllama.com; it has support for;


Based on the reviews on the Google Chrome extension for TeamSync, I believe it’s not working well on Chrome either right now.

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