What happens on the other side of the world? - In LaTAM

Hello mozillians!

We have a telegram group “WoMoz Latinoamerica” integrating the participation of 14 active volunteers to work from their communities with different projects of Free Software and mozilla also.
Some of these girls were contacted at the ECSL (Costa Rica) about a month ago and belong to various technological communities.

We had our first online meeting in which we talked about the community of mozilla, what is it about? What are the benefits of participating in the community? How can you collaborate? etc.

In our team we have volunteers from: Honduras, Belize, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador. There are teachers, students passionate about free software :raised_hands:

But what do we want to do with this group? Apart from involving more people.
With WoMoz we want to stand out the abilities of each of the volunteers according to their experiences. Promote Diversity and Inclusion in order to work together by sharing knowledge that allows the development of their communities.

How to keep this group active? And how to make it grow?
The most important of these projects is to create a space of “communication” in which people’s opinions and ideas can be heard. Make online meetings (once a month) to talk about new activities, resolve doubts among the whole group that they may have for a specific topic, etc.

Main topics selected to work with WoMoz: Diversity and Inclusion, Web Privacy, Rust Programming, Free Software and Advocacy.

Let’s be a more inclusive community (that’s our slogan)