What is the scope of "grant access to content that includes graphic depictions of sexuality or violence" in Mozilla's conditions of use?

Let me state my conflict of interest straight ahead. I have (or had) an add-on called “Porn Unban” in AMO (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/porn-unban/) which redirected some porn websites to their mirrors (as the original URLs were blocked in India).

Today it was removed and after a quick back and forth this is the communication I received from the reviewer:

Extensions that facilitate access to pornography are covered by the bullet point for “Upload, download, transmit, display, or grant access to content that includes graphic depictions of sexuality or violence” in the Acceptable Use Policy.

This decision has been discussed and agreed to by the administrators of the site. Please submit a self-hosted version of this extension and distribute the signed file yourself.

My argument is that the “grant access to content” clause does not have this extended scope in that it will disallow my add-on linked above with behaviour as described above.

If you think it does, I would like to know how the add-on is doing a task that is different from the Firefox browser itself which “grants access to content” in a more or less similar way (in my view).

I came to know that Firefox is going to start providing VPN service soon. Is this also going to be against Mozilla’s acceptable use policy? I request someone to please respond to me.

The policy is limited to add-ons that facilitate access to that kind of content exclusively, or nearly exclusively. Any add-on that gives broader access to content and only happens to include the content we don’t allow doesn’t qualify.

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