What will replace Persona?

(Stefan Arentz) #1

By the end of this month, October 2016, the Persona service will shut down. What will this Discourse instance use as a replacement?

On https://try.discourse.org it is possible to login with an email/password or via Google, Yahoo, Github, Facebook, Twitter. Will that be possible here too? I think allowing those methods will greatly lower the barrier for people to join.

What do you think?


(Archaeopteryx) #2

There are also community members bugging me about this here (Germany). If I log in, https://login.persona.org/sign_in claims the service will run until November 30th. So there should still be a month for the migration. Many other Mozilla sites have switched to Firefox Accounts as login method, so it would not be surprising if this also gets used for mozillians.org.

(Yousef Alam) #3

Sorry for the silence here, we had to wait until our IAM initiatives could be made public. This is what Discourse will use going forward.