Where to start ? Adapter for lightify Bulb

(Guillermo) #1

Hi guys. Super excited about this project. Just got it working with some sylvania (osram?) devices and zigbee. I have two bulbs, a dim-able white and a full color. However the gateway recognizes them as only white. (No way to change color on the color) Also the temperature doesn’t change. I know these are supposed to go from cold white to warm, but they are always at 2700K. So I decided that perhaps its time to make an adapter for Lightify. But where to start?
For reference I’m a creative tech guy which means I’m a crappy coder but don’t know better so I dive in to it anyway and learn along the way.

(Dave Hylands) #2

Which version of the Zigbee adapter are you using?

And what are the exact model numbers of the bulbs?

I have a couple Sylvania bulbs, one is called an “Adjustable White Bulb” (71831) and one is called a “Tunable White Bulb” (73674) and they can both have their color temperature adjusted.

(Guillermo) #3

Thanks for your reply
Actually something weird must be happening, the color temperature started working! All I can think of having done is having deleted the adapter and re-added it after I managed to freeze the whole thing (probably sent too many commands too quickly)
I’m at work right now, but the zigbee adapter is XU-Z11 and the bulbs are that same tunable white bulb (73674) and color RGBW (73693) .

So I guess I just need to figure out how to access the color property for that bulb
Thanks again,