Why are we no longer able to flag very bad ratings

(Olivier De Broqueville) #1

I recently noticed that the option to flag extremely poor ratings without no review or explanation had disappeared:

Personally, I find that it’s rather nasty of Mozilla towards the addons developer community. We spend lots of time and effort to try and improve the Firefox experience and haters are just given clearance to discredit our work.

Not nice!

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And even reviews with insults in it won’t be removed - not even after 2 weeks.
For those reasons I disabled my extension (a featured one).
Still reflecting on how to proceed without letting down all the users…
I agree that Mozilla should take a more developer friendly approach. It’s not too much to ask having a bit more control over the review section. We don’t sell a product, but are developing free software. Anyone who doesn’t like it can either contact the devs via the channels they offer or just don’t use it.
Besides insults and false statements I’m also not fond of those reviewers who think that they would motivate the dev to implement a new feature in giving the extension a bad or average rating.

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