Why is Turn Off the Lights not in the hero addon front page?

Hi there,

Why I see always the same addons on the Mozilla addons the first homepage and “Other popular extensions” below each Firefox addon page.
Why is my Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension not on the list? I see always “Enhancer for YouTube™” everywhere!
Turn Off the Lights is a free and open-source browser extension that improves the video experience for the Firefox users. And also have some unique features for Firefox, for example, you can dim the web page and the dim together Firefox user interface (toolbar, and address bar).

This is not justice and honesty!
Please add Turn Off the Lights recommend Firefox extension on the list:


Hi, Stefan. When we launched the new hero area late last year we debuted with a very small set of featured content. However we are in the process now of adding more imagery to the promotional module so we can feature more Recommended extensions. This project should be complete soon and you’ll begin to see more variety in the module.