Why Poper Blocker come back? Spying is allowed by Mozilla?

(Mojtaba Daneshi) #1

I notified Poper Blocker that removed several weeks ago for spying is come back to store.
Please explain why Mozilla is allow this?
They collect users data and users do not read privacy texts many times.
My question is why Mozilla allow these types of addons come back?
Instead of release Firefox Focus for better privacy, Is not better stop supporting spywares?


Good question there. I didn’t notice it’s back online.

Maybe… that extension devs get rid “the bad codes”. Facepalm.

Their https://poperblocker.com/privacy/ outright say they are spying, put cookies to spy, will share the collected datas to 3rd parties and have right (in the name of the law) to ask for money if you dare to ask about all of those. -_-