behavior after FireFox v100

Seems something changed in FireFox v100 related to Javascript open.window. The parameters for height, width, top, and left no longer seem to be honored.

This is with FireFox for Linux.

I have not noticed a change. I set height and width in the third link on this test page and it still looks to be working there for width; actual height is always larger:

Try with top and left values.


Notice how in Chrome clicking on the same Link multiple times will just open a new window on top of the previous same link windows.

But on FireFox the window locations are random. I only started noticing this after v100.

Tested this on another machine and it behaves as expected.

So this would appear to be a configuration error on my part.

Any ideas on what I might check in regards to this? calls just appear to popup at random locations despite top and left specs being defined.

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I came across this today too and I filed a bug

I haven’t had a lot of time to look at this today.

I was able to troubleshoot this as being SOMETHING to do with my system.

I have a couple of Ubuntu 20.04 machines. On one of them this works fine - window behavior operates exactly as expected.

On the other one (which just so happens to be my primary) the top and left specs are not honored … on what seems to be the second click. The first click seems to put the window in the correct spot, but subsequent clicks (using _blank as a target) causes the issue.

So I thought it might be a configuration error in my userspace. I created a completely new user on this Ubuntu system (so shouldn’t have any flaws in it’s user space configuration) and ran FireFox and the problem was duplicated.

So I suspect the issue is either related to some configuration OR firefox is linking to another library on this system that it’s not linking to on the others and that is causing this issue.

Really strange issue. And really annoying - because I use a work web app that uses a lot of's. But not finding a lot of guidance on what the issue might be.

Scratch all of that, nevermind.

Just upgraded the laptop to Firefox 100.0.2 and now it’s showing the same symptoms. Apparently I wasn’t using the latest version of Firefox on that one.

Downgraded back to FireFox v99 and this is working as I expect. Not really sure what to make of all of this. Spent all afternoon trying to figure this out.