Women in Open Source Award - nominations accepted till Nov. 30th

Redhat is now accepting nominations through November 30

According to [1 surve][1]y, only 11% of open source participants are women. Together, we can raise that number. Nominate a woman today who is making a difference using open source—and inspire a new generation to join the open source movement.

They are looking for women who make important contributions to an open source project or the open source community, including:

  • Code and programming.
  • Quality assurance and bug triage.
  • Involvement in open hardware.
  • System administration and infrastructure.
  • Design, artwork, user experience, and marketing.
  • Documentation, tutorials, and other communications.
  • Translation and internationalization.
  • Open content.
  • Community advocacy and community management.
  • Intellectual property advocacy and legal reform.
  • Open source methodology.

I think we have several great women in Mozilla so take a bit of time and nominate them!
[1]: http://floss2013.libresoft.es/results.en.html