Working with the team to support IE11

Hello good people of Mozilla l10n!

I work on a team at Autodesk that is trying to use Fluent for upcoming localization work for one of our web apps and have run into something of a speed bump re browser support. Our app’s active user base is ~20% IE11 users, which I know Fluent chose not to include on the list of supported browsers.

We were able to work around this by
A) Configuring our local Babel/Webpack build to process Fluent-related packages
B) Running our own forked version of Core-JS that includes a PR supporting the sticky flag on regexes (we’ve already reached out to the Core-JS team about us working w/ them to land this PR).

My question for the Fluent team is: would you be open to us partnering with y’all to provide guidelines for how to use Fluent w/ IE11 support once that Core-JS PR lands? We’d also love to be a guinea pig for new releases, so we can identify any IE11 issues and try to come up w/ reasonable workarounds, if that was feasible?