Re-defining the browser support matrix for fluent.js

(Staś Małolepszy) #1

We’re planning to change the browser support matrix for the compat builds of the packages in the fluent.js family.

The current support is defined as the following browserlist query:

last 4 versions,
Firefox ESR,
not ie < 9

Here is the new proposed list of supported browsers (query):

Firefox >= 52,
FirefoxAndroid >= 52,
Chrome >= 55,
ChromeAndroid >= 55,
Edge >= 15,
Safari >= 10.1,
iOS >= 10.3

I’ve been in touch with projects using Fluent at Mozilla and the projects outside of Mozilla that I’m aware of. Once I confirm that the new support matrix will work well for them, I’ll land the changes. The next major versions of the fluent.js packages will be then published with compat builds produced according to the new browser support matrix.

Please see issue #133 in the fluent.js repository for more information and the motivation. The change will affect fluent, fluent-react, fluent-langneg, fluent-syntax and a few others.

(Staś Małolepszy) #2

This change landed last week (PR #225). Since all fluent packages are currently at version 0.x.x, the upcoming releases will be published as 0.(x+1).0 to signify a possibly backwards-incompatible change.