Working with Zigbee Thermostats

(Scott Nguyen) #1

Hey guys,

I’m looking to get my zigbee zen thermostat working with the mozilla gateway. I’ve already purchased the xbee zigbee usb stick.
As soon as I pair the thermostat to the gateway, all I get is a voltage reading.

My goal includes the following:

  1. Have the gateway correctly identify the thermostat
  2. get basic HA functions working such as off, cool, heat, fan, etc.

I’m very new to this project and was wondering if anyone point me in the right direction to get it working?


(Ben Francis) #2

Hi Scott,

We haven’t yet implemented support for a thermostat capability in the gateway, but we’re discussing what the web thing schema might look like here which you might want to comment on.

However, we have just landed support for temperature properties to the gateway’s front end, so once the Zigbee adapter correctly classifies the temperature property you may be able to at least view the current temperature.

The next step is to agree a standard schema for thermostats, then we can design and implement a UI to make it easier to interact with a wider range of features that thermostats have.


(Scott Nguyen) #3

Thanks for the update ben.
Do you guys have any examples of implementations of zigbee devices so that I can navigate my around the codebase?
Do any of the devs here on any chat services? (skype, slack, irc, etc).
I have tons of questions.

Since I work in IOT, I have access to tons of hardware so I’m looking to spend my free time increasing device compability for mozilla iot. Starting with this thermostat.


(Scott Nguyen) #4

I noticed something interesting when I tried adding the zigbee thermostat in the latest version of the gateway from github. It’s no longer just voltage.

(Rzr) #5

Maybe not related but are there any support for Thermostatic radiator valve ?
I need to look at devices supported by openzwave…

(Ben Francis) #6

You can find the source code of the Zigbee adapter and all the device classifications on GitHub @dhylands can explain that best.

Yes you can find us in #iot on

That’s fantastic, thanks!

That’s great :slight_smile: It looks like the Zigbee classifier is managing to interpret types and units for all the properties and turn them into a useful Thing Description. This obviously isn’t the best UI for using a thermostat, so hopefully we can improve that when we create a standard Thermostat schema.

(Dave Hylands) #7

I added basic zigbee thermostat controls recently (early November).

which I think was included in the 0.6.5 version of the zigbee-adapter.

I was using the Centralite Pearl Thermostat for testing.