Zen Zigbee Thermostat

Has anyone successfully been able to control a Zen thermostat using the WebThings interface? I am able to connect the thermostat and read its properties, but am not able to change to cooling mode or set a cooling target temp. I am able to change to heat mode and set a heating target temp. This is when running the Zigbee add-on. I have also tried the zigbee2mqtt-adapter add-on, and the thermostat responds to messages, but the settings displayed by this add-on are not user-friendly and some don’t work.

I have WebThings running in a docker container and zigbee2mqtt running using a dongle to connect to my Zen thermostat if that helps. Thanks!

I have the Zen zigbee Thermostat, and yeah I had issues with the adapter. So far I’m mainly using webthings to changing modes based on room temperature. I can’t place the cooling target close the heating target, even though I’m not running in auto-mode.

Based on what I read on a ‘home assistant’ thread (https://community.home-assistant.io/t/zha-thermostat/117851/92), it might be bugs in the Zen Thermostat’s firmware.