Yet again firefox sucks

So i want to right click and “Save Image As…” just like in all the other browsers. But still cant do it. I tried fiddling with about:config - no luck, I tried “PageInfo” which is a pain as i didnt have the menu bar with ‘tools’ and of course took a google search to get that open (as again common standards are not followed), so after 45minutes of messing around i still cannot do something i’ve done for YEARS with other browsers…
so the solution AGAIN is to go back to any other browser. Bravo. Welldone. Im sure there will be lots of clever reasons (and rude) comments about why this moronic decision was made.
Feel free to explain how to quickly and easily do what others can, without plugins, coding, etc…

Hi Jonathan, what did you get when you right-clicked on the image?

One possible issue:

If the image commands section of the context menu is missing when you right-click on an image, that can indicate the site has placed a transparent element in front of (or on top of, depending on how you look at it) the image, such as a div used for previous/next navigation. I can’t recall whether there’s a trick to have Firefox look through/past that element to any images behind/below it.

If that wasn’t the problem, what went wrong?

If i knew what the problem was i’d fix it !! Anyways i spent too much time on this - IE, Edge, Chrome, Opera - they all had SaveImageAs immediately available on the same websites/images.
So problem solved - use a different browser !
Thanks anyways

Okay, use what is easy for you, but you did post in the Firefox Development category. If you want to help resolve this issue for Firefox users, please provide more details about the problem, such as steps to reproduce it, which may include identifying a page that demonstrates the problem.


No problem here.

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PLEASE switch to Chrome based code!

It is time for Firefox/Mozilla devs to face reality and redesign the browser to be based on Chrome code (as everyone else is doing) Firefox has become so slow, clunky, glitchy, and is causing so many outright operating system and RAM slowdowns and crashes that it is becoming UNUSABLE. It is ineffective, failing, dinosaur code, and needs to be completely replaced. I want to use Firefox to gain better personal privacy and security, but can no longer do so due to all of these unacceptable problems. Please face reality and make a radical change.

Hi Jonathan, if you still have Firefox, you may find this new add-on interesting to saving images that are behind a transparent element:


@jscher2000 I know it’s not very important, perhaps, but I just wanted to say that you did a very good job at responding in a positive manner throughout this exchange and in bothering to respond to such a subject title at all.

As a society, I think we’ve come to expect and, for some reason, tolerate rudeness, lack of respect, and the plain lack of good manners as part of daily life today.

I’ve received a lot of good help here and that’s only because of the people who have bothered to read and respond to my questions, most of which have been less than interesting questions in themselves.

I appreciate the manner in which you handled this topic, and I appreciate the help I have received here at Mozilla Discourse.


Cant agree more…(Y)

Unfortunately there are also many trolls on the internet, with a variety of motives - sometimes just being a jerk, but sometimes also including political/economic motivations.