Yocto Support Announcement

Hi there,

I’m announcing support for WebThings and Yocto Dunfell.

In theory it should work for any Yocto Dunfell BSP/Platform and any Yocto supported machine architecture.

It currently has recipes for the following projects:

  • gifsicle - build time dependency
  • python3-gateway-addon
  • python3-singleton-decorator
  • webthings-gateway
  • webthings-registration-server - Rust registration server for WebThings Gateway
  • webthing-rust-examples - Rust implementation of a Web Thing server

Development has been happening on a RaspberryPI4 64-bit OS build:

There is help needed around testing, and determining the runtime dependency gaps. As of now it has basic functionality.

Once gaps are sorted out for Dunfell (LTS) release, I will create a branch for Kirkstone (LTS).