Z Wave functionality stops working after about an hour of system uptime

i’ve got a new installation of mozilla iot on a raspberry pi3, with an aeotec z wave controller. after about an hour or so of uptime, the z wave portion of the system essentially stops responding - the gui still works, but the when i try to remove a device it wont remove from my things list. when this happens, i also get no response on a device (a light switch, for example) when i click the thing’s icon.
during this, the network discovery add-on still works and i have no trouble logging in on the console.
a reboot will fix this, and if i delete the zwave cache xml file the system goes back to working properly after about 10-15min. ive tried uninstalling the zwave add-on then re-installing, and ive tried excluding my devices from the zwave network stick, and then re-including them but the problem persists.
im new to this system, so im not sure if ive managed to bork something inadvertently or if ive just missed something in the setup process.

There is a bug in the zwave adapter around removing things and then the openzwave portion of the library segfaulting trying to access the no longer existing deivce. The device exists in the cache file, and removing the cache file seems to fix things.

I should have a fix for this particular problem in the next few days.

The fix for the crash should be included in the 0.9.1 version of the adapter.

If you’re still running into issues, it would be good to get some logs.

Thank you so much for working on this. If I continue to have problems I will capture log files and post them.