2016 Planning Meeting

Hi all,

We’d like to have a planning meeting to brainstorm in person what our goals should be for Toronto community events in 2016.

First question is what sort of timing works best for you: during the work day, after the workday, on the weekend? Based on the answers to that we’ll send out a doodle.

Anyone who is interested in helping plan community events is welcome to respond and attend, please don’t feel you need to wait for an invitation to chime in!

cc/ @mhoye @regnard @jlin @lucyeoh @mekki

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Anytime works for me, though online
meetings are preferred over in-person.

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Good point. We should use a conference room in the office to make it easy to include both methods of attending.

well im good with anytime in the afternoon/eveing

Hello Csagnik Chaudhuri,

I saw your comment on the tracking bug (983138) for Mozilla’s Intellego
project (automatic translation) expressing your interest in contributing.

Unfortunately, the project is pretty much dead. There has been no
activity in the past 3 years and it has been superseded by other
directions Mozilla’s management has taken.

I will contact the project leads and ask them to close all the tickets
to make it clear that no more work is likely to be done on Intellego.

Your offer to help was appreciated. There are several other Mozilla
translation-related initiatives to which you can contribute. Most of
the work is on localization (L10n) but there is also other work being
done. A good starting point is here:
https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Contribute &
https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Localization - There
are links to the IRC channel and mailing lists where other
translation-related projects related projects are discussed.



Thanks Mekki.

I’ve closed out all of the bugs and confirm that this project is dead.

For reference, the wiki.mozilla.org is the most accurate description of how to start contributing to l10n. All l10n docs in MDN are outdated and need to be removed.

Thanks for your interest, Csagnik Chaudhuri. Hopefully we can help you find another l10n project you’d be interested in contributing to.