2018 Rust Roadshow Brazil 🇧🇷

(Cynthia Pereira) #1

Hi people!

In 2017, the Mozilla Brazil and Rust Brazil communities leaded 4 workshops whose main objective was to involve more developers learning about the Rust language and participating in the local community.

We noticed that many programmers/developers would like to running Rust workshops in their own cities and regions, however our current contributors are established in a single state, São Paulo, what makes difficult for them travel to all these regions, since Brazil is a huge country. That is why we started the 2018 Rust Roadshow Brazil project to:

  • Train-the-trainers: it’s a initiative to give training on how organize a Dive Into Rust workshop and teach Rust to others programmers in participative and inclusive way. We are making it by leading training calls, providing a Rust Mobilizers Handbook wrote by us where we have documented our experience on leaded workshops at São Paulo in 2017 and providing a step-by-step guide to make an awesome Rust workshop. Our goal was to support 15 Rust developers around this, but 21 people joined in our training program!

  • Workshops everywhere in Brazil: we are happy to start a roadshow of Dive Into Rust workshops in various regions of Brazil, these 21 Rust developers that joined in the training program will lead each one a Rust workshop in their own region to introduce Rust to others developers and involve them in our community.

We are working open around this project using a GitHub repository that is managed by issues. All content is in Brazilian Portuguese so everyone in Brazil can contributing with our project or use the resources provided such as training calls recorded, design creations for marketing efforts, handbook, templates and website (work in progress).

The roadshow takes place on February 1-4, 2018.

This is an initiative by @cynthiapereira, @geraldobarros, @leodasvacas and @thiagopolicena.

All the best,

Cynthia Pereira
on behalf of 2018 Rust Roadshow Brazil team

(Geraldo Barros) #2

Adding Superheroes to the Rust Brazilian Community: https://mozillabr.org/2018/01/adding-superheroes-to-the-rust-brazilian-community