2019 Ideabook for campaigns

Hello dear Reps,
This year we will have several activities and we will develop proposals with the objective of generating other roles of participation and activation to the Mozillians of the world.

In this occasion we bring this idea that seeks that Reps along with their communities share ideas, issues and local interests to make campaigns throughout the year. Normally it is the Open Innovation team in charge of compiling and building the campaigns. On this occasion, at the community level we will be able to present ideas to build and launch future campaigns.

It is very easy to participate, previously we identified some necessary aspects to build campaigns. The objective is that you present information together with other members of your community. In this presentation [1], you will find the information of the initiative as well as an example, the idea is that you copy the example and develop an idea that you have for the construction of the next campaign of Mozilla Activate. Please share your ideas through this medium, or through our communication channels. From the date of this publication, we will have two weeks to receive proposals.

We also want to have a group of regional leaders to coordinate upcoming activities related to OK’R 2. If you are interested please answer also in this publication. We will also make announcements through the different communication channels.

Thank you very much,
Monica on behalf of the council.

[1] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qsWwd-1Xs7Qkt1I8bsfXs4KqZzWr5Jrh9unynHIWvj4/edit?usp=sharing


Hi Monica, this topic sounds very interesting and important for the future of the community. I would like to participate, and if possible I would also like to be part of the group of regional leaders to coordinate the next activities.

Currently I collaborate and coordinate in the group of Mozilla Nicaragua and Central America, where I think we could have many great ideas for the region.


Hi, Monica!

I think it’s great that you’ve turned to the community for new ideas on campaigns. I would definitely love to participate, and am interested in helping out as a regional leader for these activities.