A simple Add-on needed: to stop opened Tabs from loading on FF startup

I’ve been looking for firefox’s add-on with same simple function as this chrome’s extension, but I couldn’t find the same/similar one in our FF Add-on Database. Really helpful in stopping unnecessary data usage from the autoloading of those tabs.

Could anyone direct me to such add-on please? Or if a developer could please develop it for all of us.

Many thanks in advance!

I don’t think you need addon for this, I’m pretty sure this is a standard Firefox behavior :slight_smile:
At least that’s how it works on all of my machines.

When you start your Firefox and your session is restored, your tabs are back but they are all discarded and when you click any of them, it will be loaded.

I never liked the Chrome auto loading all tabs…

Unfortunately, that’s not what I’ve been seeing in my my laptop. Assuming the internet is online, I can see my opened tabs are all autoloading soon after I activated FF. And when it’s offline, they’re still autoloading but got cut off of course.

So, maybe you have some “tab management” addon that can do this?
Also this can be enabled in about:config page by changing browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand to false (default is true), so make sure it’s set to true.

App was what I requested in 1st post, but thanks for the keyword. To make long story short, I ended up installed and tinkered with an add-on named ‘Tab Session Manager’ and able to use it to what I intended with stopping the autoloading…

The about:config tweak didn’t work in the situation too, btw.

Thanks again for all the solutions given, juraj.masiar. Much appreciated!

Actually what I meant was that maybe one of your existing addons is loading discarded tabs for you when your Firefox starts.
Because really, Firefox will not load your tabs when your session is restored unless you enable it in about:config.

But I’m glad you made it work :slight_smile:! Have a nice weekend.