My newest addon version is "Disabled by Mozilla", but has no validation issues

Hi guys,
I have a serious problem with the release of my newest version v1.2.0 of this addon. It’s marked as “Disabled by Mozilla” since June 21. No errors and no warnings in review. I received no e-mail or other information why or what’s the issue or what to fix. Release of the same code in Chrome Web Store worked fine.

Not much changed. No new files, libaries, permissions. Just some adjustments, added two little features and one bugfix. The code is open source, see the repo on GitHub.

Here’s a screenshot of the Developer Hub “Status&Version” page:

I don’t know what to do now. Mozilla’s “Contact us”-page for addon developers navigated me to this forum. Thanks for your help in advance.

Is it possible that you accidentally disabled the extension yourself, for example while uploading? If you click the red button in the source code submission question of the upload, your version is immediately disabled and never actually gets signed.

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I don’t think so. But if it’s the case, can I undo this by deleting and re-uploading the same version?

No, you would have to bump the version number (you will have to do that either way).

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Ok, I just noticed it myself. If that’s the case i’ll increment my version number to 1.2.1 for Firefox. Thanks for the help.