Add on "Disabled by Mozilla" for no apparent reason


I tried to upload an update for my add-on, however it went straight into “Disabled by Mozilla” status.

There wasn’t any e-mail sent to me, nor is there anything in the Review history section.

Could you let me know how I can get it approved?

The add on is called “Boards Companion” -


Did you accidentally hit the wrong button in the upload wizard? I think you can check what you clicked in the activity log is what we found out last time.

Either way, if the version’s just disabled and not “in review” you should be able to just upload a new version (with a bumped version number).

Latest event in the activity log just says that the new version was added. I’ll try uploading a new version with a bumped version number so and see how it goes. Cheers for the reply

Its been uploaded now. The first time I didn’t opt for a code review, however on closer inspection I should have as I use rollup.js. So I’m thinking it could have been an automatic rejection for that

Thanks again