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Hi everyone,
Please excuse my English. I am French and my English is mainly academic.
I am speaking to you because I am unable to implement what I would need.
A module existed to perform this action, but it is no longer supported by the original developer today.
But the usefulness is so obvious, that I do not even understand that it is not an integral part of Thunderbird.

ThunderBird is software designed to manage multiple email accounts in one place.
No matter how many themes I try, nothing changes what I want to change, and again, I don’t understand why this feature is not automatically included in the basic version of Thunderbird.

Since Thunderbird is made to handle multiple email accounts, it seems normal to be able to organize things according to our own needs. I already have a module, which, I’m lucky, still works with the latest evolution of Thunderbird, and which allows you to manually sort the accounts to put them in the order you want (that too, this feature seems so obvious to me in 2021, that the fact that it is not included in the basic version leads me to ask myself questions about the objectives sought by the developers of Thunderbird.
Be careful, I am not criticizing everything. It’s great software, and what’s there is good, and well thought out.
But, and I finally come to what I need, and which should be an integral part of Thunderbird, is the ability to put different background colors for each account.

At present, I have 17 courier accounts to manage. 17! and everything is stacked in black on a white background.
A very small effort was made on the penultimate version, but on the one hand, assigning a color, just on the icon, is not visible at all. And in addition, it does not put the color for all the files of the account, but it must be done, one by one for all the files !!! with 17 accounts, I will spend the day there, for a result that will not even be visible.
There was a “color folder” add-on that did a great job, but the developer no longer maintains its add-on.

However, as I said above, the very basic function of Thunderbird is to manage multiple accounts, and how can we do it correctly in everything is unreadable so nothing is done to clarify things.

I don’t know how to contact the developers of Thunderbird to remind them of the spirit of the software and ask them if they can insert features to color the files. And I don’t understand … putting colors on the icons is less efficient and probably much more complex to set up than background colors for the accounts …

What is needed is that in the “account settings”, when you go to the “Copy and folder” tab, you should choose a background color for this account. And there you have it, it would be simple and effective.

So, if any of you had the skills, which I don’t have, to make such a module … or get the message across to the developer …

I tried to see, with the development tools, if with classes, we could not modify css to do that, but no. because the accounts do not have their own ID, but common classes. And then, where to put the custom.css file anyway?

I have another suggestion which I think will be of interest to many Thunderbird users, but since it is totally different, I will create another post.

Thanks for reading, and a big thank you to whoever manages to make this happen. Because in addition, I am convinced that it can interest people.

I think about it as I finish this post … would it be possible to create a customizable template? ie a template where we could entirely define personalized display parameters?

Maybe you should try:

(Perhaps not exactly want you want but perhaps helpful.)

What add-on (‘module’ in French) is it that you are asking about? Please give its name or a link to it on

Peut-être demander sur ce forum aussi:

Merci beaucoup pour la réponse.
The add-on I miss is this one :
But it But it is not compatible with the latest version of Thunderbird.
If you have an idea or if you have the possibility to contact the developers of Thunderbird to suggest that they integrate this functionality natively, that would be great (or tell me how to reach them directly? …)
Thank you

Thank you very much for the suggestion.
But I searched and searched all the possible addons, and I found none.
This “BorderColors” module does not do what I wish it had.
But anyway, thank you very much for the suggestion and the message.

This post on the French forum I mentioned
mentions this addon

If you want the Account Colors addon very badly you could downgrade to TB 68. This has some security implications. Maybe a replacement addon will be built in the next year or two. If you decide to downgrade you should create a new profile:

Be aware that posters in this forum, such as me, are merely users of Thunderbird. We do not represent the Thunderbird developers (or Mozilla - which no longer owns Thunderbird but still host this forum).

Salut Jerome!

This has been driving me crazy also. I used to rely on the ‘Account Colors’ add-on which is no longer compatible after updating.

I saw a suggestion on another forum which was helpful - using the tag manager, you can assign colour tags for each of your addresses:


then assign those tags using the message filter:

It is not as nice as the old add-on, since it changes the text colour rather than the background, but it is better than nothing.


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Thanks a lot.
I’ll have a look immediatly!