Add all previous emails sent to address book

Hello, I am looking for a solution for when I use the search field to see ALL emails i’ve ever sent or received an email from in the preview drop down.

Currently when I use the search field before hitting enter it will only show emails that I have previously sent an email to on this device.

If the email was sent on another device it won’t show here as a preview drop down.

Is there a way to scan all emails to add them so that they all show here on the drop down preview regardless of whether you have sent an email to this person on the same computer? Is there possibly an addon for this?

This is the dropdown I am referring to:

I don’t have an answer, but I was wondering how one might add to that pull-down ‘suggestion list’. Have you worked out where the suggestions come from? e.g are they:

  • from the TB address book, and if so which one - personal? collected addresses?
  • from input previously keyed in - like form history?
  • from the addresses in the current folder?

If it’s from the address book it might be possible to merge in other address books.

If it’s form history it’s probably hard to access - perhaps from an external program but not from an addon.

Are you using IMAP - so ‘sent’ will include all emails, from whatever device?