Add hardware with rest api

Hi, is it possible to add hardware that have a rest api like Shelly 1?

Sure, adapters can convert almost any API shape to the shape the gateway expects. The hue adapter would be an example for an adapter that deals with a local REST API. My Netatmo adapter uses a remote REST API.

Ok thank you Martin!

@victor.romero is actually already making an adapter for the Shelly devices. See this thread.

Good, thank you Michael!

Yes indeed, it is functional now but I’m still adding support for things like password. @negrival happy to share if you know how to add an addon manually.

Good! I’m also happy if you share… I’ll add it manually.

@negrival, give it a try to :

At the moment It only supports shelly 1 and shelly bulb (the only two devices I own).

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I also wrote a shelly adapter:
It’s now available via the addon store:

Hi Tim, I have test your addon with a shelly 1 and work fine.