Add-on "Status: Disabled by Mozilla "

I recently uploaded an add-on which is a revival of a now non-compatible version I had uploaded many years ago.

Just a few minutes after submission the status of the add-on turned to “Disabled by Mozilla”. I sent an email to amo-admins[at] asking about the reason of the deactivation, but for 2 weeks now I’ve got no answer.

The add-on has afterwards got successfully published for Chrome and Edge browsers:

  1. Social Friend Finder (for Chrome)
  2. Social Friend Finder (for Edge)

Is there a way to find out what the reason for the deactivation was and if possible to fix it and republish the add-on?

Visit your developer hub:

Then for your addon click “More” / “Manage Status & Versions”.

There you will see all versions and each one has “Review History” which should tell you more (maybe some messages from reviewer).
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your answer!

By clicking “Review history” I don’t see any messages, only a textarea with a placeholder “Leave a reply”, but the form is grayed out and I can’t leave a message to the reviewers.

So there no text at all? It should always say some text…
Did you get some warnings / errrors after uploading?
Also, are you sure you didn’t clicked “Disable” button by accident? I know there is one in the final page when releasing new version :slight_smile:.

Anyway, what you can do is try again - increase the addon version in the manifest file and release it again.

No, there is no messages at all.
I haven’t clicked the Disable button. The status is “Disabled by Mozilla”.
I have already tried reuploading the add-on with a greater version number.

The reupload fails with this error: “Your add-on failed validation with 1 error. Duplicate add-on ID found.” When I visit the Validation results I only see green check marks and no errors.

If you are uploading as a New Version of the existing add-on, you should not get a duplicate ID error. Unless someone else’s add-on also has that same ID, which would be unusual.

Oh wait –

Did you change the extension ID in the new version? If not, you probably need to do that.

The old add-on has vanished from the system. It was from the XUL overlay era and it does not appear in the list of my uploaded add-ons any more.

In the browser_specific_settings of the manifest, I have set my own id which is an email address.

Maybe the fact that the add-on has got the status “Disabled by Mozilla”, means that I can not even upload an updated version of it?

Is there any way to directly contact the review team?

As I have already written, I have sent an e-mail to amo-admins[at] since November the 5th, but I never got a reply.

So are there any alternatives for conatcting someone who is qualified to give an answer?