Add-on search: Firefox bookmarks inside and next to google search result page

Hello peeps,

Whenever I search if the above-mentioned add-on* already exists, I end up with add-ons that have something to do with “Google Bookmarks”. But that’s not what I want.
Does such an add-on exists and is it crowded by the keyword “Google bookmarks” or doesn’t it exist (yet :wink: )?

Thank you.

* Explicitly: Whenever I search on google (or other search engine’s) (page), I want an addon to also search the same keywords in my firefox bookmarks and display these firefox bookmarks search results into the page of and next to google’s results.

Hey Ruby, I’m looking for exactly the same. Did you find something?

Hey, Klaus,

I didn’t, but I made my own.
It took me a while, but yeah
Still a bit buggy in the deciding whén to enable itself, but it’s very much usable…
I hope you like it…

oh wow, Ruby, thanks so much.
that’s awesome :slight_smile:
i wonder why this has not be done yet… just makes so much sense.
i will play with it. and can provide some feedback / ideas if you want ?

You’re welcome. Glad you like it.

I wonder too. And I am amazed how few people are using my add-on. I think most people don’t think that far, to be honest…To think that bookmarks are such good personal resources! Well yeah…

Feedback and ideas welcome. See the description on the addon page for the link where to give those. I prefer them all in one place, namely github. (I don’t like web fragmentation.)

Maybe not for you, but yesterday I had the idea of maybe also including Pocket “bookmarks”, since I use those too…