Add-On Stuck In "Awaiting Review" - Need Help


We uploaded a new version of our extension and source code on 7/11. It was flagged for review by the system - on 7/14 we received a notice that the reviewer was unable to build the extension from source code, and the extension would be removed in 14 days if it is not resolved.

The reviewer is not able to build the source code due to environment differences (they are using Node V16.6, while we are using Node V18.3). We provided a solution to resolve the issue in our response on 7/14.

We have not heard anything from the reviewer, so we sent follow-up responses on 7/16 and 7/18. We uploaded a new version of the source code that should work with the reviewer’s environment.

We have tried everything possible to resolve the issue. Our extension is in compliance with all guidelines, and we are ready and able to help the reviewer. We are concerned that our extension could be removed if the issue is not resolved by the 14 day limit.

Can someone please help us address this issue? We are concerned that our extension could be removed, and we have not received any updates.

Thank you.


@caitlin we noticed that you have been able to help other members resolve similar issues (add-on stuck in review) - would you be able to help us with this issue? Thank you, Patrick