Addition to Mozilla Reps Peers - Ankit Gadgil


We are welcoming Ankit Gadgil to the Peers body.

Long version:

In our efforts to diversify the Reps Peers governance body, we are adding Ankit Gadgil from Pune, India to the Reps Peers. Ankit has been an active Rep for the past six years. Since 2014 he has been mentoring Reps and he also served two terms on the Reps Council.

In the last 7 years as a Mozilla contributor he contributed to several Advocacy and Policy discussions and activities (such as co-writing an article with Mitchell Baker on Aadhaar), continuously working towards awareness and learning through talks, workshops and campaigns on online privacy. As a long-time Mozillian he also contributed to Web Literacy projects as well as Firefox OS where he was part of the India launch team.

During his time on the Reps Council he helped draft the Leadership Agreements and give feedback to the Mission Driven Mozillians project.

With his broad knowledge about the Reps Program and different Mozilla communities he is a great fit for the Peers body and will bring his strategic thinking into Reps strategy discussions.

You can find more information about his activities on his Reps Profile:


Ioana Chiorean, Reps Module Owner
Henrik Mitsch, Reps Module Peer
Michael Kohler, Reps Module Peer


Welcome, looking forward to have your skills in the Peers body and working with you! :tada:

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Welcome, Ankit!
Good to see a more diverse addition to the Reps Peers body. :tada:

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Welcome Ankit, definitely great addition to the Reps Peers :slight_smile:

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