Mozilla IoT gateway working with Lutron Caseta?

Hi. I am new on mozilla IoT gateway and pretty excited to start using it. I don’t know if this is the appropriate forum, but I haven’t found any reference on this topic here or elsewhere.

I would like to know whether the mozilla iot gateway is known to work, or not, with the Lutron Caseta smart lighting ecosystem.

I own multiple Caseta devices with the Caseta Bridge Pro, and before getting into the mozilla gateway, I would like to know if I will be able to control these devices.

Any info, in one way or the other, would be appreciated.


There is not currently an add-on for this, but it would be a great addition. It looks like Homebridge works with this already (plugin here), so maybe somebody could just base an add-on off of that.

It looks like the Lutron Caseta uses a proprietary wireless protocol. It seems that there might be a way to talk to the “Pro Bridge” using telnet.

Nobody has written an adapter for this, but conceptually, it should be possible to do so.

Thanks for the replies.

True, Lutron Caseta uses a proprietary wireless protocol.
True, integration is possible via the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro, which I have. Other gateways have done it (e.g., Hubitat).

Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to build an add-on. I hope there will be sufficient interest for one to be built soon because I would really like to embark on the Things gateway. Can we vote somewhere? :slight_smile:

Thanks again!