Any plans to support "Add to Home screen" for extensions?

Since overriding New tab page is not yet supported on Android, I was hoping I could use the “Add to Home screen” feature to create shortcut for my addon page on my Android home page.

And although the shortcut is created, it fails to open with an error “App isn’t installed.”.
Then I found this:

That doesn’t sound good :frowning:.

So… how about, instead of disabling it, we could make it work? :slight_smile:
It sounds trivial, but I suspect there are some complications… still, maybe we are just clever out of box idea away from a simple solution :slight_smile:.

The way I read issue 1807099 is that Firefox’s built in extensions can’t be added to the home screen. I think it might be best to create a feature request that requests the ability to add an extension page to the home screen.