Apply to be a Common Voice Language Reps [Expression of Interest]

Hey Common Voice Community,

Are you an existing language community leader or wanting to get more involved in Common Voice?

We would like to trial out a Common Voice reps council to support the community to have even more say in important decisions.

Common Voice Language Reps aims to

  • Create an explicit avenue for representatives of language communities to advocate for their language community’s needs

  • Empower contributors and language communities with knowledge and influence to shape the community experience

Common Voice Language Rep responsibilities and support

  • CV-Reps provide regular feedback on community strategy implementation and the product roadmap

  • CV-reps get early notifications and important updates by email each week from the Community Manager

  • CV-Reps support the creation of communal resources and peer-learning

  • The term of a CVR member is 9 months, with one rep per a language

  • CVRs meet all together every month for at least 1 hour to discuss an open agenda. Meetings can be recorded with the consent of members and hosted on airmozilla.

  • Meeting twice across to ensure sessions are accessible for people’s schedules and timezones

Meetings will be hosted in English for the first three sessions, depending on the language spoken by applicants we hope to host the sessions into UN languages most spoken in the time zone groupings.

Application 2022

Your expression of interest will be reviewed by myself. In the future, I would like to host elections for CVReps.

Expressions of interest will open on 6th April and close on May 13th at AOE

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me at

All the best, with your application.



Apply now via typeform - to be added

@heyhillary The typeform is not available yet.

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I will be adding it today - as it will be coming out with the weekly update - thanks for flagging

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