Common Voice: Weekly Update 3rd September

Hey Common Voice Community,

Happy September!
In this weeks update, we would like to highlight the following :sparkles:

Apply to become a Common Voice Language Rep

Are you an existing language community leader or wanting to contribute more to Common Voice? Common Voice representatives are an amazing opportunity for you.

Learn more about the Common Voice Reps and sign up to get involved.

Participation: Community Sessions + Surveys

Monthly Contribute-athons

Share your views! We would like to host a monthly Contribute-athon session on the first Thursday of the Month to support all languages on Common Voice.

The goal of the contribute-athon is to build awareness of how people are using Common Voice Data, onboard people, into communities and provide spaces for contributions.

:speaking_head: Share your thoughts with us in this topic.

Community Survey’s

Thank you so much for your participation in the Community sessions in the last three weeks. To support people, who are unable to participate in the live session we have created a Common Voice Roadmap Survey, which includes videos from the session.

We look forward to reading your views and sharing with the community a summary of your feedback.

Replay: The Need For Diversity In Voice AI Datasets.

I and Kat, Kiswahili Machine Learning Fellow took part in Dialogues and Debates discussion on “Voice Concerns: The Need For Diversity In Voice AI Datasets.”. We were joined by Kola Tubosun and Johann Diedrick and really enjoyed the discussion. You can rewatch the talk on Youtube.

Kinyarwanda: Mbaza is live

Remy, Community Lead for Voice Technology at Mozilla, share in a new blog the launch of Mbaza, a chatbot that provides timely and accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic in the Kinyarwanda, French, and English languages. Mbaza will evolve further in the coming months, from its current menu-based interface to a fully-fledged AI chatbot using CV Dataset. Read more on Mozilla Foundation.

If you have any questions please, feel free to ask!

All the best,


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