Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter by pasha.proton

Hello there,

Please review my letter written in HTML. This is my very first assessment of the MDN community. Looking forward to seeing your critiques. Thanks!

Hi @pasha.proton and welcome to the community :wave:

Well done!

Here are some comments:

  • Self-closing elements don’t need the a slash at the end (e. g. <br> is okay).
  • <address> is for all kind of contact information, not just physical addresses. So you should also include the tel and email lines.
  • The four dates need to be wrapped in <time> elements with appropriate datetime attribute.
  • Under “Subjects of study” you should use <sup> and <sub> on certain numbers.
  • It would be good to use <q> around the quote and <cite> around its source (instead of <i>.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions. :slightly_smiling_face: