Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter - Learner of HTML from MDN

Requesting for Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter which was developed as per tutorial

The Project Code files have been been shared in shareable editor at the below link

Hello @rajkumar_baluskuri and welcome to the community :wave:

Congratulations! You did a great job on this task. I have just some small improvements:

  • class="sender-column" on the date can be set on <p> directly. No need for the <div> inside. Actually <div> inside <p> isn’t valid HTML.
  • You used two </li> on the “Third semester” list element
  • On the last line: As we use a citation it would be better to use <cite> instead of <em>

As a general suggestion I recommend using to check your HTML after finishing a task. It’s great to find problems with the document structure.

Keep up the good work!