Attention localizers: top 100 MDN articles


(Janet Swisher) #1

I’ve created a page that lists the top 100 articles on MDN, based on traffic. This may be useful to localizers, if you want to be sure that you’re covering topics that are interesting to MDN visitors. I intend to update this list roughly once a month, and in the future, I’ll flag items that are new to the list.

If this is helpful to you, please let me know. I’m also interested in hearing how the list could be made more useful (for example, a macro that tracks the percentage of completion of this list for a given locale).


(Janet Swisher) #2

I’ve updated this list based on recent traffic numbers. Items that fell out of the top 100 are in a separate list at the bottom of the page. Items that are new to the list are tagged with “New”.

(Janet Swisher) #3

I’ve updated this list again, based on recent traffic. There are 29 new pagers on the list.

(Eric Shepherd) #4

Janet – In the future, could you include the URL of the page with the list
in your posts about updates? I know it’s in the first message in the
Discourse forum, but when reading by email, it’s not necessarily available.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Janet Swisher) #5

Here it is again: