Bengali locales merging (bn-IN and bn-BD)

Hi SUMO Community,

The following announcement is especially intended for bn-IN and bn-BD localization contributors. There was a discussion between SUMO and the Localization team about merging the two locales into a single one to fully utilize community resources. We believe both locales have very little differences in terms of the written form, and therefore it’s easier to maintain as one locale. The merging is going to affect KB articles and Pontoon as well. Both the Localization and the SUMO team need to align on this decision to maintain the product consistency.

On SUMO (Pontoon has a different process), we are doing database migration with the following details:

  • SUMO creates a bn folder at repo
  • Move the bn-BD articles to bn repo. We choose bn-BD since there are more KB article there (996 articles) compared to 96 articles in bn-IN.
  • We also keep the articles from bn-IN that don’t exist in bn-BD
  • Remove bn-BD and bn-IN repos

As a result of this change, there will be only one bn locale on both Pontoon and SUMO. If you’re a contributor on one of those locales and believe there could be any blocker around this decision, please let us know immediately as we are going to apply this change soon. If everything goes according to plan, we are going to merge both locales on the first week of September (likely on the 4th of September 2019). You can also track the merging process here.

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