Blocking ZilPay addon

hello guys, my name is Rinat, my addon is Zilpay wallet was blocking, for me wrote raven master,
he does build my addon for developer but need for production, this code does not match i reply him but he does’t read my message, my addon is open source each can see this github please help me!!!


We don’t normally talk about code reviews publicly. To help with the process and to avoid double-work, please stick to a single communication channel, which should be the email system on AMO.

Finally, make sure you are following all the requirements for Source code submission.

he said that i can reply for this email.

where can i write that decide this problem?

It for is big problem please help me)))))

You best approach here is to answer the email with full details and documentation on how to reproduce exactly the build 0.2.7 from your submitted sources.

As previously said, your submission should follow the guidelines at

If i will release new version? with all fixes and more detail doc?

It should work. Make sure that the issues your reviewer stumbled on trying to build your extension are resolved and that the documentation follow the guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding.