Bookmarks Library shortcut

I’d like Bookmarks Library shortcut to start working as it used to work - open that manager in a seperate window instead of a side bar (side bar is rather messy);

also to fix that library manager as it kept expanding when one of the links was clicked, and it was at the bottom of the list, it got hidden (just an “innovation” introduced by you few months back). And to bring it back basically.

What OS are you on?

The Bookmarks Sidebar shortcut hasn’t changed, but in Firefox 84, the Library window shortcut was transferred to the Bookmarks Toolbar. So now we have:

  • Bookmarks Sidebar: Ctrl+b on Windows/Linux, Command+b on Mac
  • Bookmarks Toolbar: Ctrl+Shift+b on Windows/Linux, Command+Shift+b on Mac
  • Bookmarks “Organizer” (Library window): Ctrl+Shift+o on Windows/Linux, Command+Shift+o on Mac

I think this was done for greater consistency with the shortcuts of other browsers. It’s a bummer for old timers like me whose fingers haven’t learned this yet, but… it’s what we got.