Dont open *.mht format

I recently switched to quantum and the first trouble I encountered is problems with opening files in mht format … When I try to open files created with addon UnMHT via quantum, the “save as” dialog appears and prompts to save the file in mht format which then opens with the dialogue “save as” and so on ad infinitum. However, these files are opened without any problems by Internet Explorer. For a long time these children’s sores have been cured in many browsers. Is it really so difficult to add native support for mht, maff and similar files?


Is it really so difficult to add native support for mht, maff and similar files?

I think the demand for those formats is just to low. Many modern pages either work offline out of the box, can’t be saved at all or can be saved as PDF of screenshot.

As for the UnMHT extension (whiteout knowing it) I think you have to use some UI element of the extension to open the file and cant just “open it with Firefox”. AFAIK WebExtensions can’t install file format handlers, i.e. Firefox doesn’t know to forward the file to the extension.

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Hmm … Then why such files are opened by Google chrome and Internet explorer?
I now have to set myself google chrome, save the file in pdf format to open it in firefox … Not very convenient …


and now what?
i’ve a whole heap of work files whith important data in mht format which I collected over the years!!! my favorite browser with whom I work since 2000, stopped opening that format? what should i do?


Time to switch to a different browser. Mozilla has decided to prioritize speed over functionality and will not support extensions like this in the future. The Waterfox fork continues to work with “legacy” extensions.

Ironic that they designed MAFF as a future-proof format and are now the ones abandoning it.

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Thanks a lot, endolith! I’ll try it. I think it can solve my problem.
I’m sarcastic in my turn. Once again I am convinced that it is necessary to establish a separate computer for the good old trusted programs.

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Mozilla friends,
Include MHT save in new version of Firefox, please

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Isn’t it something you can tune in Firefox Preferences > General > Files and Applications ?

Change is always bad for someone - if you are one of the rare few who has a bunch of data stored in .mhl files, you could just batch convert them to something else and then move on with your life instead of whinging on the Mozilla discourse

Mozilla has made a lot of bad changes, though. The whole philosophy that made Firefox the best browser years ago has now been abandoned in an attempt to make a Chrome clone. They used to have a manifesto and everything. :frowning:

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Wait, what makes you say used to ?

To be honest I don’t know very much about this history or how it has unfolded, so I should just sit down and shaddap, but I have yet to see any serious maneuvers on Mozilla’s part that make me question their mission… in what ways are they increasingly like Chrome?

edit: my first reply was a bit over-aggressive, I apologize

But they don’t follow that Manifesto anymore…

MAF format was part of Principle 6, for example, a free and open interoperable future-proof data format.