Central Hub for New Members To Learn?

This has to be the wrong place, so a priori apologies!

I’m just getting involved in all things Mozilla as far donating time/money/support any way I can.

I signed up for SUMO group to help with support, ended up creating a profile on Discourse, then joined the SUMO group there. Now I’m just clicking around trying to figure it out! :smiley:

Where does someone who knows nothing about the community, but much about the ideas/products, go to be most helpful? I signed up for MDN docs support as well, but again, not really sure what happens after!

It seems everything is connected somehow of course, but I’m not sure how as there are so many different forums, groups, switching platforms/new groups.

Basically I want to help where needed but am absolutely overwhelmed at the choices and don’t see any ‘roadmaps’ for them.

Thank you for your time!

Hi Mark!

Welcome to SUMO. I’m Kiki, the Support Community Manager here. We have a few type of contributions in SUMO:

  • Forum: Answer troubleshooting questions on the forum
  • Social support: Answer support questions on Twitter
  • Localization: Translating support articles on SUMO to your locale language
  • Respond tool: Answer user review on Google Play Store

Each person has different interest, so I would suggest trying and experiment around. Whether to answer people on Twitter with #fxhelp or trying to answer on the forum using the common replies.

Last but not least, you can also share your experience or discuss anything with the rest of the SUMO Community in our Matrix channel.


Hi Mark

Further to Kiki’s post, welcome to SUMO!

I have found this page that will help you to get started:


We may be looking to tidy this up in the future and your help and feedback would be appreciated.

I tend to help users through the Support Forum. If you want to hand getting started, or have any questions about contributing to Mozilla, please drop me a note and I will do my best to help.

Welcome to Mozilla!


Thank you @Seburo @kelimuttu both!

I’ve been through all the help articles I could find, and appreciate the link above :raised_hands:

I should have been more explicit in my first message, but was unsure even where I was! :joy:

I feel confident on the exact mechanics of helping through the Forum, KB, Twitter, etc, through the articles. But I’m still confused (but getting there!) on all of the tools for communication, like what we’re using here!

I never used Discourse other than on Nomadlist.com, but they have almost all communication through Slack app. I come from WordPress world and have mostly used their own solution, BuddyPress/bbpress. Now that I see where I am, Discourse is literally a copy of BuddyPress, except BuddyPress is free.

I then ended up on Matrix chat as suggested, which had me signing up for Riot.io. Another new tool for me, but familiar with server setups from using Discord, etc.

That got me to Mozilla Air, another new tool for me.

Long reply short :blush: The actual helping part seems easy to comprehend and straightforward! But the multiple platforms, groups, forums, Mozilla org, Mozilla support, Web Literacy project, open badges (I ended with a Badgr account, another new thing), I’m overwhelmed at where I’m supposed to be for my ‘main account’/what’s important.

I’m an open source guy. I skateboard and build websites while trying to promote web literacy, privacy, everything Mozilla stands for. I live nomadically and without much money by choice, but want to support Mozilla and the community as much as possible.

Thank you again for the reply!

Ok, I think I might be able to help with this.

Matrix (accessible through Riot) is a chat platform - kind of like a giant community Slack.

Air Mozilla is our very own TV station with videos and live broadcasts of material useful for the Mozilla community.

Discourse is a pan-Mozilla forum, kind of like a massive community newspaper - a place where people from across Mozilla can broadcast news, ask for feedback or (like you have done) ask for help.

On top of that there is Mozillians (being replaced by people.mozilla.org) and the forums and contributor tools that SUMO has.

The reason we have so many tools as that Mozilla is a project made up of many thousands of people working in many teams all over the world. The trick I used is to focus on the functional area you want to be involved in (SUMO!) and then pick up things as they come along or you need to use them.

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Thank you sincerely, my friend @Seburo !

Easy to comprehend now :blush::+1:

That’s my plan then as well, and happy I ended up in the right place to start!