Checked sentencees are counted wrong

I checked some sentences in this morning, I thought it were 20, maybe it were just 15, but sure something dividable by 5. There was one sentence I reported. On the dashboard was written I checked 18 sentences!? (Both in my personal stats and in the stats for all users. I have it quite often, that the number of checked or recorded sentences (I often reach my personal goal of 60 sentences with 64 sentences) is not dividable by 5, because one sentence is not counted. I have the feeling, it’s a problem of the reported sentences.
Maybe other people have the same experience and could provide some more information.


Just to clarify: when you mention “checking sentences” do you mean listening voice clips on the site?

Basically what we are seeing is that reported sentences doesn’t count as listed clips, right? (I suspect this is the case)


I don’t think it’s reported sentences, they don’t get double counted (I just checked) I’ve not seen the problem you’re describing either, so it’s either related to some kind of outage or it’s related to your equipment (phone, browser, internet etc)

  • What browser are you using?
  • Was it a problem that was happening for a bit and has now stopped, or is it still miscounting?
  • How’s your internet connection?

Nukeador: Yes, I meant listening. I guess, reported sentences do not count, and that’s okay. But one reported sentence and 20 sentences with “yes” or “no” should count 20 or 21 - never 18!

david-song: The error still occurs and it is happening right from the beginning when I started with common voice. I am using firefox current and have 100 MB/s - which were only used by the common voice site this morning! I don’t think it is my equipment.

I’m noticed that sometimes the tallies don’t update immediately, so you might go to the homepage and it says 250, then 20 seconds later it’s 251.

I just recorded some sentences. It were 35 sentences, I reported one and got an replacement and the website counted 34. I am quite sure that there is something wrong with the reports, they decrease the counter (too much).

It seems like a minor bug, let’s capture it on github with this explanation on how to reproduce it. Thanks!

Okay, my personal recording goal is 60 per day, but to reach it I nearly always have to do 65 sentences, because it counts like 64. Maybe I am wrong, but I often get sentences twice a day and I have the feeling they are only counted once - which is okay, but it is wrong to give me the same sentence a second time I guess.