Closed tab notification covers last tab on Android

When I close a tab on mobile in the new update, the recently closed tab notification covers the bottom tab in the lineup, making it difficult to close multiple tabs quickly. Worse, my muscle memory prompts me to go for the x on the last tab, which is right under the undo button on the notifications, so I reopen the tab I just closed. I’m overall less upset with the update than it seems like most people here are, but this bug/oversight is extremely frustrating.


Seconded, this is really poor UX, and should be pretty simple to fix.

I have also been frustrated by this, and I’m shocked that there isn’t more activity here. However, grid view doesn’t have this problem. I prefer list view, but this flaw is so stupidly infuriating, I will stick with grid until it is fixed.

This also frustrates me. It possess an annoyance several times daily, every time I clean up my open tabs.

Mention this in an Android bug report.