Closing favicon tabs

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for the good work. It’s interesting to see if new habits can take over the familiarity of horizontal tabs.

One question: is there a way (other than CTRL+W) to close tabs in favicon view? Narrowing the tabs bar also hides the closing button. But I guess it would not be a problem for regular users to resort to the keyboard shortcut if doing so is explicitly advised.



If the tab bar is wide enough, a red X should appear on the right side of each tab when you hover over it. (If it’s too narrow, then there’s no room for the X, so it won’t show up.)


Thanks for the quick reply!
The problem is not solved for me though. I don’t see a red X however wide the bar is. If I widen the bar, favicons turn into snapshots (still no red X) and if I widen even more, finally appears a grey X to close the tab. No red X in sight at any point.

FYI I use a 13" laptop with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Thanks again.

My apologies. The X used to be red, but we switched it to grey a while ago. (I forget why…)

I’ve only just now encountered this problem, and it’s making me crazy. I didn’t know about the CTRL+W shortcut; I’ll use that now, but meanwhile, why has the X disappeared? I have my tab bar set to “always open,” with the bar narrowed to the point where there’s some text plus the identifiable icon (If I widen it any more, the icon changes to something that is FAR less identifiable), and there is NO X to close the page.

OK: Just to test what I was saying, I attempted once again to widen the tab bar a little bit more, and I managed to get the X to appear, but I am not confident that it’ll still be there when I reopen this. Maybe others will have had the same experience.:confused:

I realy like Tab Center, but I thgink, it would be very nice, if the tab under the mouse will flip out to it’s full size, so all informatiion will be displayed, even when the tab bar is in preview or favicon-mode. So also the close-button will be displayed.
Other version: What if only the close button will appear right from the too narrow tab-bar, hovering over the website, so that closing will be possible, wirhout widening the tab-bar or using keyboard-commands?