Collaboration 2015-03-08

Hi all,

As most of our contributors are in the UK, we adjust our meeting times according to their DST. If you’re in North America that means for a couple of weeks the meeting window is from 4 - 6 instead of from 3 - 5. Currently the meeting window is still from 20 - 22 UTC.

Some things we could work on:

  • Pilot docs (WPaaS, Discourse)
  • Review proposal from Council (not yet public, ask me for the link if you don’t have it)
  • I think it’s also time to start talking about my MCS module proposal again, it seems to fit well with other things that are being discussed

If you have anything you need to work on someone else with, please let them know and ask them to come to the meeting! I may be a little late. I’ll definitely be around for 21 UTC, but I’ll be on sooner if I can.