Conbee II not recognised

Hi Guys

My Conbee II stick has arrived and I’m hitting problems already.

I’ve got my Zwave working with a Gen5+ dongle, works fine.

My understanding is, if I plug in my Conbee II, that should work out of the box. But it’s not.

I’ve looked at the internal logs and no sign of it there.

Have I missed something. Can anyone throw any light on this please

I’ve tried it plugged into the pi with the Gen5+ attached. I also attached a short extension lead to it, then a 3,MTR extension lead to it. No joy.
So I took the Gen5 out of the pi, again no joy.

I’ve been onto the Conbee web site and they say I have to have to have the deconz tool installed, but on the WT forum I read a thread saying you don’t need it. So I’m kinda stuck at the moment. If anyone can enlighten me with this I’d be very grateful. Thanks

What do you mean by “no sign of it”? You should just be able to install the zigbee adapter and that will detect it automatically. That should be all there is to it and you should be able to pair your zigbee devices while having the pairing screen of the gateway open.

If you have the zigbee adapter enabled that should work indeed. I’ve never tried pairing an ikea outlet just on its own, I’ve always had some other devices in the zigbee network (and importantly routing devices like light bulbs that were powered nearby). Though from what I remember it took a couple attempts and a bit of patience. That said, I’m not sure the outlet from my region will match how yours works.

If you enter serialProber into the debug field of the adapter, the adapter will show how it’s discovering your zigbee dongle (or not discovering it)

Excerpt of it finding my conbee2 (your device path will most likely be different):

2021-08-03 17:50:10.621 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: SerialProber: Probing /dev/ttyACM0 ...
2021-08-03 17:50:10.621 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: SerialProber: Sent: <Buffer c0 0d 01 00 09 00 00 00 00 00 e9 ff c0>
2021-08-03 17:50:10.622 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: SerialProber: Rcvd: <Buffer c0 0d 01 00 09 00 00 07 6b 26 51 ff c0>
2021-08-03 17:50:10.623 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: SerialProber: Probe successful
2021-08-03 17:50:10.672 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: this.driver = ConBeeDriver {}
2021-08-03 17:50:10.672 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: ConBeeDriver: Using serial port /dev/ttyACM0
2021-08-03 17:50:10.674 INFO   : zigbee-adapter: ConBee Firmware version: 266b0700

Hi Martin

Ha, that is maybe where the problem lies.

When I first installed my dongle in the list of add-ons were the Zigbee and Zwave add-ons. I thought they were pre installed as I’m sure my Zwave worked with no setting up.

I’ve just looked at the add-on it and I’m not sure it is installed. Well it’s not, so you’ve got this sorted…Thanks.

But it’s asking for the stick type, ok Conbee , then a port number. any idea what No this is…

I think that might be all I need the port No.

You don’t need to enter any settings for it, it will automatically search for the conbee stick.

Hi Martin

Sorry it was pilot error, it’s working, thanks for your help martin I appreciate it.

Happy days :blush:

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