Recommended Zigbee adapter

Hi. I want to get started with the Things gateway and decided to go with Zigbee devices (none acquired yet).

The supported hardware wiki refers to 2 Zigbee adapters supported, the Digi Xstick and the Conbee. I live in Canada and the Digi is slightly more expansive than the Conbee. However, on the Zigbee devices compatibility side the Conbee seems more oriented to European devices brands, while I haven’t found any devices compatibility info for the Digi.

If anyone could share his/her experience with those adapters and how easy, or not, they are to work with the Things gateway and Zigbee devices, it would be great.

Similarly, I am also open to recommendation on a particular brand for Zigbee devices (e.g., motion sensor, plugs, …).

Thanks. Z.

Personally, I prefer the ConBee II. The ConBee & ConBee II support using some of the Ikea devices which don’t work with the ConBee.

The ConBee dongles emulate being a light bulb and devices like the Ikea Motion sensor are not designed to talk to a gateway, but will only talk directly to a light bulb. The ConBee emulation allows these Ikea devices to be used.

Thanks for the insights. I wasn’t considering Ikea devices yet, but it is good to know.

Any experience with using the Conbee II with zigbee devices available in north-america, that might not be on the official Conbee compatibility list?

Thanks again.

@zefoto: Wondering what device you eventually purchased and if you obtained the Conbee II, were there are device compatibility issues you may have run into or are worth noting. I’m thinking about getting one to allow me expanded device capabilities. I’ve been using Zwave Aeotec up to now…

I finally ended up purchasing the Conbee II. So far it has been tested only with Smartthings Multipurpose sensors and everthing works well. Very responsive. Also I am surprised of the wireless range. The hub and Conbee dongle are in the basement and I have a sensor on the second floor at the opposite site of the house and the connection seems consistent.

I am also using a Conbee II, worked perfectly with IKEA Tradfri socket wall plugs, bulbs and LED driver without having the IKEA hub. I also have a Hue hub which exposed all Hue bulbs to the Webthings gateway. Got a long USB extension to separate it from the current test system (rPi 3+).

is it possible to connect with xbee ?